Your Premier Pick-Up and Delivery Catering Service

What Is Pick-Up and Delivery Catering?

Our pick-up and delivery catering service provide a convenient way to enjoy restaurant-quality food without leaving your home or event venue. We eliminate the stress of planning, shopping, and cooking, allowing you to fully savor moments with your guests. With Pigéon Catering and Events, you can count on excellent party food and top-notch service!

Place your order online and leave the rest to us. For a small fee, you can have your catering delivered straight to your door. Many of our self-catering customers choose to stop by our centrally located Le Provisions Gourmet Market to pick up their orders. It’s a great place to pick up any additional party supplies, dips, charcuterie and wine.

New Orleans Catering: Our Menu

Our specialty lies in New Orleans cuisine, featuring Creole and Cajun entrees, seafood appetizers, and indulgent desserts. We also offer a variety of dishes from international cuisines.

Our menu is versatile, suitable for anything from simple family gatherings to formal black-tie affairs. If you don’t find your desired dish on our menu, contact us for a custom order. Otherwise, explore our menu today, keeping in mind to place your order at least 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up.

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Advantages of Our Pick-Up and Delivery Service


Imagine hosting an incredible event without the stress of cooking or food pickup. Our pick-up and delivery catering service delivers ultimate convenience. Simply place your order, and we’ll handle the rest!

Easy Ordering

Ordering with us is a breeze. Our user-friendly website simplifies menu exploration, customization, and order placement with just a few clicks. No more phone calls or complicated processes – we’ve streamlined it all for you.

  1. Visit our website.
  2. Click “Order Online.”
  3. Browse the selection.
  4. Add items to your cart and complete your payment.
  5. Wait for your food (or pick it up at our location!).

Delicious and Quality Food

Quality is the cornerstone of our culinary offerings. Our experienced chefs utilize the finest ingredients to create dishes that are not only delicious but also visually stunning.

Order Now!

Ready to elevate your next event with an unforgettable culinary experience? Discover the ease and excellence of Pigéon Catering and Events today. Visit our website, explore our menu, and place your order for pick-up or delivery. If you require full-service or event catering, learn more here.