The Lenten season in New Orleans is a time of spiritual reflection and sacrifice for the Catholic community. It is a time when people observe abstinence from meat on Fridays. Despite the dietary restrictions, New Orleans has a rich culinary tradition that offers a variety of delicious options for those observing Lent.

One of the most popular foods during the Lenten season in New Orleans is seafood. The city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and its network of rivers and lakes makes it an ideal place to find fresh and flavorful seafood. Oysters, shrimp, crawfish, and fish are among the popular choices. At Pigéon, BBQ Shrimp and Grits, Seafood Eggplant Napoléon and, Crawfish Enchilada Casserole are just a few examples from our Lenten menu. Also available are pastas topped with or without seafood sauces.

Another popular food during Lent in New Orleans is gumbo. Gumbo is a hearty stew that is typically made with seafood or vegetables, such as okra and tomatoes. The dish is thickened with roux, a mixture of flour and fat that is slowly cooked until it turns a rich brown color and is usually served with rice.

In addition to seafood and gumbo, there are many other Lenten-friendly foods to try in New Orleans. Red beans and rice is a classic dish made with kidney beans, rice, and a variety of spices. Usually, It is served with sausage or other meats, but during Lent, it can be made with vegetarian sausage or omitted altogether.

So if you don’t want to eat fried catfish or tuna fish sandwiches every Friday during Lent, preorder your meals from Pigéon Catering, your family will thank you!