Mardi Gras is a time for revelry, vibrant parades, and, of course, indulgent feasting! This year, take your Mardi Gras experience to new heights with Pigéon Catering and Events’ exceptional Mardi Gras menu. Our carefully selected food options enhance your celebrations, creating a delightful experience for all your senses.

Tailored for Mardi Gras Krewe and Parade Day

Pigéon Catering and Events can help with your Mardi Gras party, whether you’re tailgating or hosting a celebration. We carefully create our menu to make the holiday season more enjoyable, so every bite feels like a celebration.

Mardi Gras Boxed Lunches

Tailored for your krewe’s enjoyment, our Mardi Gras boxed lunches are a convenient and delicious option for parade day. These lunches are full of flavor and perfect for enjoying on the go. They let you experience Mardi Gras without any interruptions.

Mouthwatering Sliders

Elevate your Mardi Gras gathering with our mouthwatering sliders. Crafted with the finest ingredients, these sliders are a delightful addition to your celebration. Choose from a variety of options, each bursting with flavor, ensuring there’s something for every palate in your krewe.

Traditional King Cakes

No Mardi Gras celebration is complete without the iconic king cake, and ours are a true masterpiece. Our traditional king cakes made with cream cheese icing and adorned with vibrant purple, green, and gold sugar, are a symbol of the season’s joy. Share the delight with your krewe and make each slice a moment to remember.

Join Us At Our New Storefront Marketplace, Le Provisions

Come to our new store, Le Provisions, and check out our carefully chosen collection of wine, beer, and liquor. We have bottled wines, wines by the case, beer by the case, and packaged liquors.

Le Provisions offers frozen homemade meals. These include red beans and rice, crawfish etouffee, shrimp Creole, and various gumbos and soups. Enhance your Mardi Gras experience with the perfect libations and convenient, delectable dishes.

Order Today!

This Mardi Gras season, let Pigéon Catering and Events elevate your celebrations with our festive Mardi Gras menu. We create tasty Mardi Gras meals such as boxed lunches, sliders, and king cakes.

We make them with great skill and the festive spirit in mind. Have an unforgettable Mardi Gras with Pigéon Catering and Events. Every dish is a celebration and every bite is indulgent. Cheers to a joyous and flavorful Mardi Gras!