Our Team

Pigéon Catering & Events has a rich history that can be traced back to the 1990s when the Pigéon brothers, Dean and Troy, alongside their father Pete, introduced Kenner, Louisiana to the delightful Dean’s Deli. This charming eatery quickly became a local favorite. As time passed, the catering aspect of the business began to flourish, leading to the official establishment of Pigéon Catering & Events in 1998.

Fast forward over a quarter-century, and the company has evolved into one of the region’s most prestigious catering and event planning enterprises. This transformation has been under the adept leadership of Dean and Jean-Pierre Pigéon. However, at the core of the company’s success lies the unwavering dedication and expertise of its exceptional team.

Our exceptional team includes accomplished chefs and skilled kitchen staff, a specialized sales team with a talent for crafting unique menus, an event production unit that brings visions to life, proficient event managers, and a wide range of invaluable support personnel. It is the collaborative effort and commitment of this team that has elevated Pigeon Catering & Events to its current esteemed status.

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